Sunday, 17 January 2010

Coke and Mentos Bomb

It is a quiet after noon and I have been you tubing and have found the coke and mentos bomb phenomena in the US. It even made it to mythbusters, discovery channels science for people.....well probably science for folk who smoke weed.

Once I had got past the fact that Americans mispronounce mentos as mentos....hold on that doesn't work. Erm they kind pronounce it as if it has a double 's' like doss, toss or Jonathon Woss. We brits favour the Mentoes sounding version with the oh - as in "oh what a surprise American's using sugary food stuffs to make armaments". There is absolutely no guidance over pronunciation on the packet going prove that the manufacturer don't give a toes about how we pronounce stuff as long as we just keep buying it.

Anyway back to my point, the US is clearly awash with both sugary foods and armament, I guess some sparky kids at school figured that probably eventually the human race would be crowded out of North American by their dual passion for sugar and munitions and combine the two. I might say at this point sparky kids overloaded with sugar creating munitions scares me - but hey said sparky kids have worked out you can launch a 2 litre coke bottle through the air in a ballistic parabola just by adding mentos. Well it is better than them surfing the net for recipes for C4 I guess.

You would think by my patronising tone to this point that I probably didn't think highly of these kids; but to be honest I like the shiny faced wide eyed glucose fuelled little scamps and I am off to the nearest convenience store to procure the necessary items before introducing my neighbours to the joys of sugar based explosives.


Heidi said...

I'm American.... everyone I know pronounces "Mentos" the same way.... men-toes. :)

The Man Behind The Moustache said...

Heidi, I. Never saw this comment when I first posted. I guess it was just the you tube clip I watched I have re read this post just now and I sounded really down on America. It wasn't my intention at all.