Thursday, 26 March 2009

On The Buses

"I 'ate you Butler", who can forget Blakey miserable old mac wearing bus inspector from the series On the Buses. Everyone loved Reg Varney's Butler and no one who saw his sister Olive could ever call their daughter Olive just too many associations. But this is not the comedy that I am talking about.

The comedy I am talking about is the war of words erupting between atheists and christians on the buses of London, Manchester and probably half a dozen other metropolitan centres.

"There probably is no God, so stop worrying about it and enjoy yourself" - sponsored I believe by the human society.

"The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." " wades in the Trinitarian Bible Society - in a direct if literal and some might say out of context quote from Psalm 14.

It makes me laugh that we are carrying out the theology for a generation mixed amongst Tampax and Diesel clothing adverts on the sides of buses. I find it strange that Atheists employ so much time try to convince us that God doesn't exist. I don't believe in Santa but don't feel it necessary to prove to anyone else that he isn't real and the "Peter Pan probably didn't exist don't think happy thoughts and try to fly" bus is sorely missing.

For the sake of an even critique I have to say I have seen better sales pitches than the Trinitarian - YOU FOOL - you don't believe!!!!

I fully endorse any discussion which brings anyone, just one, to a greater understanding of who they are and why they are here. SO good on the Human Society, The trinitarians, Alpha International ....and the list goes on.

I think the question is there a God is a strange one to ask straight up. We have a concept of God and that is true as we are all arguing about it on the buses - surely the question we are actually asking is do we care? Judging by the amount of advertising on buses I would say we do - even the atheists!

If we then we do care if there is a God perhaps we should look for who, not whether, God is. I mean in looking for a life partner do we look for whether they exist or who they are? We might doubt from time to time that they exist when we are at a low ebb but we continue to seek out who they are. Believe me even when you get married you continue the voyage of looking for who your life partner is - my thought is that if we started applying this to God we'd all be a lot closer to knowing who God is and not worried about whether he is.

Apologies to all devotees of the wonderful British Comedy on the Buses, I loved it too!! Try Nick Nack Blog Attack for on the Buses Triv!!