Sunday, 19 October 2008

Times run away

Isn't it funny how time runs away for you, good times, bad times, eventually they run away. I heard a story about King Solomon asking the Court Jeweller to fashion the most beautiful ring in the world for his bride to be. The Jeweller was petrifed when making the ring, afterall when Solomon was surrounded by huge beautiful palaces how could he create something to trump them.....this was only the half of it, when he returned Solomon asks him to go away andengrave an eternal truth in it. The Jeweller is away for a year before returning and in the ring is written

"this too shall pass"

True of kings and peasants good times and bad all shall pass and even memories will fade, I have often wondered how many films have been made that you now can't see, miles of celluloid or video or megabytes of digital data will be toiled over and not last a century, how many more writers were about at Shakespeare's time making a living that we now don't know. It gets me to thinking is art and music an attempt to express a culture, capture a groundswell for posterity or an attempt to move it on and if it is to move it on does art, if not the artist, embrace only the zeitgeist of tomorrow. Is art like an insecure and greedy child always wanting the next best thing never truly cherishing the gift of today? CHERISH!!!!! What do we truly cherish in art....nothing surely it seems now to be about the abandonment of the last expression? Are modern artists anti artists? Destroying the last muse and creating the new? Banksy's petshop overwriting the wall painting in urban centres? Does that make all art Graffitti; over writing the last artist asserting it's existence as part of a legacy of vain destruction and self destruction?

How many miles of film goes unwatched every year.....I want to know.

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