Wednesday, 8 October 2008

A little history of blogging for the man behind the moustache.

Quite frankly blogging has been something that appealed but was actually quite alot of effort I had things to do and places to see or vice versa. In reality that was alot of tosh...yes I used the word tosh. I had some stuff to do and in reality I often wanted to head back to the same old places....Acton Villas and the like and really had i recorded some of it, it would championed the fictional persona that I drivelled into and out of in the blogs. So now The Man Behind The Moustache (TMBTM)...why the man behind the moustache...... a skeggies off look at some of the hilarity, creativity, doubt, discernment and deity that goes on in my little head. Quite frankly I love words and the chance to write words like scurrilous and ribaldry in a sentence and to expand my powers of articulation quite appeals. Do nudge me when I go quiet, the mind is rarely becalmed but the old digits sometimes can be.

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